“This is a truly wonderful memory maker for parent and child. A chance to end a day in peace, and be able to draw from those times later in life.”
     - Don Elium, Bestselling Author of Raising a Son, Raising a Daughter, Raising a Family, and Raising a Teenager

“I’m always excited to discover new tools that help children with relaxation and sleep. The counselors at our center see many children with learning differences and sleep is often one of their primary struggles. ‘Snuggle Down and Say Goodnight’ provides a nurturing approach to help children focus on a happy, relaxing event as they are lulled to sleep. This uses the tried and true methods of guided visual imagery along with progressive body relaxation that threads in a story of ‘positive and good’ that allows a child to simply set a routine for sleep that could likely become one of their most effective strategies.”
     - James Ochoa, Licensed Professional Counselor, Director of The Life Empowerment Center (TLEC), Austin, TX

"My daughter Jesse is 8 years old. Jesse used your CD the first two nights and already says she's sleeping better. She had no night terrors or middle of the night crying either night. Missed two nights 'cause we were away from home and slept TERRIBLY. Back home two nights - success again! I'm really grateful for the help of the CD. I'm anxious to start her baby brother on it next. He's only 9 months but I think he'll love the music and the story."
     - Kerry Dawn, Longview, TX

"For the past two weeks, the kids [ages 7 and 8] have been listening to your CD in the middle of the day ... just playing in their room with friends!!! Completely put on by their own choice ... so I know they love it!"
     - Sheila, mother and social worker, Austin, TX

“About two or three weeks ago I ordered your CD for my 4 and 6 year old girls. I want to thank you, because now they are looking forward to their bed-time because they enjoy the CD so much and in no time at all they are asleep! This reduces the bed-time stress I had before considerably! I hope you will have some more CD’s available soon. Thanks once more.”
     - Viola, Oak Grove, KY

“My 3-year-old son has been a constant challenge to put to sleep since he was about 12 months old -- always screaming and crying, wanting milk, etc. Now, I put on the CD, and he curls up in my arms to rock for the first track. Then when the second track comes on, I put him into bed and tuck him in, and most nights, he falls to sleep on his own listening to the rest of the CD. ... If he wakes up with a nightmare, I turn it on and rock him until he calms down. It’s so soothing. His favorite blue blanket (from before he had the CD) has teddy bears all over it, so he always points out that the bears are like ‘his music.’”
     - Cynthia Benton, Austin, TX

“Mom, can I listen to it now? Can I listen to it all night long?”
     - Trevor, age 5-and-a-half

Perfect bedtime CD. My 7-year-old went to sleep on the first listening. (I almost did, too!)”
     - Dale, Enid, OK

“My twin 4 year olds have very active minds, especially right before bed. The CD has been a wonderful part of our bedtime routine. I’m not sure if any of us have actually heard it in its entirety, as we all fall asleep part way through. This has now become part of my gift repertoire. I think your CD will be greatly appreciated for its oral tradition and adherence to rhythm of the day. ... again, thank you for a great CD.”
     - Rebecca Judis, mother

“I’ve been working with children for over 10 years and currently work with severely distressed children as well as those dealing with lower levels of anxiety and related sleep problems. Jane’s CD sets a new benchmark in helping children who suffer from sleeplessness. This helps to set the stage for less irritability and improved attention the following day. Her gentle storyline is appropriate for children who may simply be experiencing age related nightmares, as well as those struggling with larger issues. ”
     - Jonathan F. Anderson, MA, LPC, Owner, The GATE (www.gatehealing.com)

“Thanks for letting me check out the CD; I really like it. You may certainly quote my honest sentiment that I wish I had had it when my kids were young! I found it very soothing.”
     - Mark J. Levy, MD, Family Medicine

“This CD is great! Normally my 4-year-old daughter resisted going to bed, asked for more water, another kiss and another animal, and woke up in the night with a nightmare or bathroom trip. The first time I played her the CD, she was falling asleep even before the bear story, and I heard her following the breathing suggestions. She listened to it five times in the first week. Every night after the first time, she got quietly into bed...not one extra request and did not once wake up with nightmares or to go to potty... My 19-year-old stepson walked by and heard it, too, and was amazed by how relaxing it was... Ever since those first few weeks when I played the CD, we’ve had basically an easy time getting her to sleep, and it’s been all these months later [now eight months later]!”
     - Stacy Miles-Thorpe, mother and social worker

“Since my daughter began having a hard time sleeping, I have purchased several children’s sleep CDs, all of which she liked, but none were ideal. Some were too short, others were too stimulating, and none had enough music, which she finds extremely relaxing. The first night she heard Snuggle Down she asked to hear it twice ... she stayed awake through Track 4 to hear the story. The next night she said she wants to hear the ‘Bear Lullaby’ every night, and she fell asleep 10 or 15 minutes into it. She says she likes it better than all the others she has heard, and now I have no trouble getting her into bed and asleep fast!”
     - Stacie, stay-at-home mom to two preschoolers

“My son (age 3) says the ‘Bear Story’ is his favorite part. That’s how he refers to the CD. He first heard it in August and he still listens to it (it’s May now). Even though he has never had trouble sleeping, he likes to listen to it before he gets into bed, during our ‘winding down’ time, before taking baths.”
     - Mary Ann Perez, mother and counselor

“Eliza loves it. It has really transformed naptime. She was resisting taking naps and would talk and sing loudly to keep herself awake even when she was really tired. Now for the last week, I’ve been asking her if she wants to listen to the ‘Snuggle Down’ CD and she says ‘yes.’ She is totally quiet and relaxed while listening and falls asleep about half the time. Even when she doesn’t fall asleep, she benefits much more from her rest time. It’s amazing to see her relaxing � she has always had such a hard time being still and quiet. Thank you!”
     - Jenny Fleming, mother

“All four of my grandchildren loved it! Kaleb age 9, Kimberly age 8, Lily age 5, and Abby age 2.”
     - Donna Godwin, grandmother and aesthetician

“Ashland (age 5) loves it! She wants to take it with her to her naps.”
     - Anya Wendt, mother

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