Three bears go home to their den and share
news of their day before going to sleep....

Snuggle Down And Say Goodnight CD

Snuggle Down & Say Goodnight, written and narrated by Jane Barnholdt, is a five-track CD of narration, original music, guided relaxation, and guided imagery that create positive feelings about relaxing and sleeping.

Kids who don't have trouble sleeping love it too!

The narrator guides the listener through breathing and body relaxation exercises, followed by a story. When the CD is new to your child, it is a good idea to play it all the way to the end. Your child can practice relaxing with the easy relaxation instructions, before hearing the story. Once your child is familiar with the recording, he or she may sometimes prefer to skip directly to a particular track.

This CD is even more effective with repeated listening.

The five tracks include:

  1. Getting Comfortable .... 2:36
  2. Relaxing Your Body ..... 8:30
  3. Make-Believe Bear ...... 3:52
  4. The Bear Story ........... 11:10
  5. Music By Itself ........... 15:41

Rich Brotherton, renowned Austin musician and lead guitarist for Robert Earl Keen, delivers a musical score of original melodies with a traditional flavor, played on acoustic guitars, cittern, dulcimer, English horn, oboe, flute and accordion. He is accompanied by fellow musicians Ian Davidson and Jane Gillman.

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